UTAU Songs

I'll upload my songs of utau here.
I'll thanks to the creators for each one ust.


Shotgun Lovers: SoundCloud
Game of Life: SoundCloud
Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain: SoundCloud
Kagerou Days: SoundCloud
Headcracker: SoundCloud
I(愛) English-Spanish Mix: SoundCloud YT
BitCrushe: YT


Anti x Paradi Chlorobenzene (IA x KAITO V3): YT

UTAU Songs:

Bacterial Contamination: SoundCloud YT
Magnet: SoundCloud
APATITE: SoundCloud YT
Psychotic Nairu's Love Song:
Buildings, Dreams, Rain: SoundCloud
Black Wings: SoundCloud
Astral Domination: SoundCloud
Capriccio Farce: YT SoundCloud
The First War Against Myself: SoundCloud
Rotten Heresy and Chocolate: SoundCloud
Shibuya Catastrophe: SoundCloud
Haitoku no Kioku ~The Lost Memory~: SoundCloud
Rashness of Kyoukine Nairu (originally sings Kagamine Len): SoundCloud
Declaring War On All VOC@LOIDS (spanish version): SoundCloud (Nairu Kyoukine ACT4 VB)
Hide and Seek (originally singed by SeeU) (japanese version): SoundCloud
Hide and Seek (originally singed by SeeU) (spanish version): SoundCloud (Nairu Kyoukine ACT4 VB)
Tululila Talila Tulula: SoundCloud YT
-ERROR: SoundCloud (Nairu Kyoukine ACT4 VCV VB)
Lonely ≒ Egotism: SoundCloud (This is the ACT4 CV version, it isn't the same of the uploaded release video) YT
Ikasama ⇔ Casino: SoundCloud
Song of the Clock Tower: YT (Naaze Kyoukine ACT1 VB)
Kagerou Days: YT
Kagerou Ib:  YT
Division→Destruction of Nairu Kyoukine: YT
Wammy Anarchy: YT
Servant of Evil -Classical Version-: YT
Checkmate: YT
Abstract Nonsense: YT
Sword of Drossel: YT
First Love Academy School of True Love: YT
Rond of Possible: YT
It's Watching You Die: YT
Pygmalion: YT
Ib: YT
escapade: YT
Jitter Doll: YT
Anti x Paradichlorobenzene (Antichlorobenzene/Paradichlorobenzene mix): YT
Juvenile: YT
Melancholy of Verdigis: YT
Room 13943: YT
Assault Mirage: YT
Fastidiousness Show: YT
Poisoned Apples and Cinderella: YT
Aquila: YT
The Disappearance of Kyoukine Nairu: YT
Solitary Hide-and-Seek Envy: YT
A Female Ninja but I Want to Love: YT
Life Reset Button: YT
Invisible: YT
Cheat Life Game: YT
The Intense Singing of Kyoukine Nairu: YT
Reboot: YT
Cheat Life Game SPANISH: YT
Six trillon years and overnight story: YT
The Earth's Final Confession: YT
The Song of a Broken Youkai Who Loved a Human: YT
Crazy ∞ nighT: YT
Insolation≡Thanatos: YT
Mushikui Psychedelism: YT
U-Nya-Pu-: YT
Regret Message -Ballad version-: YT
Daughter of Evil -velvet mix-: YT
Knock-Lock-out: YT
Toeto: YT
God's An Energy Cheapskate: YT
Kyoumu Densen: YT
Black White Ward: YT
Circus Monster: YT
Idola Circus: YT
Mind Speaker: YT
Confession Rehearsal: YT
Carnival: YT
Twilight ∞ nighT: YT
Higurashi Moratorium: YT
Sasha: YT
Violence Halloween Party: YT
Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku: YT


Soul Distortion Terrorism: YT
Missile Killer: YT

Ust credits:

Shotgun Lovers/Headcracker/Astral Domination/Buildings, Dreams. Rain/The First War Against Myself/Shibuya Catastrophe/Haitoku no Kioku ~The Lost Memory~/Ikasama ⇔ Casino/Lonely ≒ Egotism/First Love Academy ・School of True Love/It's Watching You Die/escapade/Aquila/A Female Ninja but I Want to Love/InsolationThanatos/Mushikui Psychedelism/Knock-Lock-out/Idola Circus/Carnival: UtauReizo
Bacterial Contamination/Higurashi Moratorium: kyaami
Game of Life: きっとかっと (sm14032957)
Kagerou Days: ShinySerebii (and edited a little by me for make it sound like Gumi x Len Version)
Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain: UTAUxyz
Black Wings/Rotten Heresy Chocolate/Rashness of Kagamine Len/Jitter Doll/Juvenile/Life Reset Button/Invisible/Reboot/The Earth's Final Confession/Soul Distortion Terrorism: nmasao1
Capriccio Farce: moonst4r
MAGNET: Haru2894
Declaring War On All VOC@LOIDS: テイスレのみなさん (sm11118039) and edited by me. -If the original autor don't like me to post the song I'll take it out if he wants that-
Hide and Seek: Dalcomkuki and edited by me -If the original autor don't like me to post these songs I'll take them out if he wants that-
-ERROR: AbstractCactus
Song of the Clock Tower/Circus Monster: OkitaLean
Tululila Talila Tulula/The Song of a Broken Youkai Who Loved a Human: rokurin122
Division→Destruction of Hatsune Miku/Antichlorobenzene: UtauReni
Wammy Anarchy: xxfencexx
Servant of Evil -Classical Version-: Azuralunar
Melancholy of Verdigis/NARAKA/Fastidiousness Show: 白蛇@仮名P
Checkmate: 作成参謀&情報員
Abstract Nonsense: felichanxx
Sword of Drossel/Regret Message -Ballad version-/Confession Rehearsal: NeeMiso
Rond of Possible: LupinAKAFlashTH
Pygmalion: TouneSoro186 and PandaLolii
Ib: 雨歩 蓮介
Paradichlotobenzene: otama
Room 13943: pKotetsu and ThatFiddlerOnTheRoof
Daughter of Evil -velvet mix-: HikariMiyuki
Assault Mirage: AsterSelene
Poisoned Apples and Cinderella: UtauMisa
The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku: めぐみん (sm18659962)
Crazy ∞ nighT: sm18543742
U-Nya-Pu-: Sango312
THREADNATION: Pianodream/Aslyyaa and thibaud76200
God's An Energy Cheapskate: EcstasyDarks and TFOTR
Black White Ward: RewoundClockwork
Mind Speaker: Dark3li
Twilight ∞ nighT: 萼(ガク)(sm20739581)
Sasha/Missile Killer: EchoBlossom123
Violence Halloween Party: 優雨 (sm16044448)
Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku: athilove101

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